Above Kardamili, on the slope of the mountain, the Old Kardamili is located. The old town is a fortified cluster of tower houses, built around Saint Spyridon, an 18th century post-Byzantine temple. The whole area, as well as the fortified complex, belonged to the well-known family of the captains Murtzinoi – Troupakides.

Following the path from Old Kardamili to Agia Sophia, we come across two rectangular cavities next to each other, carved into a vertical rock. According to the tradition, this is the Tomb of Dioscorus (Castor and Polydeuk), the mythical children of Sparta Queen Leda and Zeus.

Staying in Kardamili, you can organize one-day excursions to nearby villages like Agia Sophia, Petrovouni, Proastio and Exochori, offering panoramic view of the Messinian Bay and monuments of historical interest. For lovers of hiking, there are trails with appropriate signs.