Mountain bike-Kardamili

The jagged landscape of the West Mani with its four gorges (Rindomo, Viros, Noupanti, Stepeni) crossing vertically the land, and the dozens of sea and mountain villages that are connected by stone paths and Taygetos peak in the background (2407 m),  set the ideal scene for any hiking or biking activity.
 With 2407 Mountain Activities team you can explore the area, with routes tailor made to suit your needs, your age and your fitness level.

The easy routes include soft inclines with walking times of 2 to 3 hours, the medium difficulty routes are for 5 to 6 hours on hard ground and the difficult routes can be for long hours (8-10 hours) and include crossing or climbing in the mountains (like the peak of Taygetos mountain 2407 m), and require high level of fitness.

Biking is another way to discover the area.
Those that love mountain biking will find themselves in wonder at the astonishing routes which pass through nature using dirt tracks, forest roads and stone paths.

The mountain villages of West Mani are connected with the sea villages with a net of un-surfaced or asphalt roads that can offer long uphill and downhill rides for the road bike enthusiasts.

 The Trail Project and the 2407 Mountain Activities, organize Mountain Bike marathon race in Kardamili village  of Western Mani, called TAYGETOS MTB MARATHON. Any adult who loves mountain biking, wandering in nature and would like to live a wonderful experience in Western Mani, in the foothills of Mount Taygetos, may participate at competition. Starting and ending at the beach of Kardamyli, the routes exploit the network of forest roads and trails connecting the villages. Through breathtaking beauty spots such as “Vasiliki’s” forest, villages Kastania, Saidona and Proastio, route alternates constantly. There are two routes, MTB MARATHON 71 km and MTB EXPERIENCE 40 km, which don’t contain hazardous or exposed passages for athletes. Along the Marathon route there are 3 refueling stations with water. The maximum altitude reached by the route is 1597 meters.




See you in Kardamili